Friday, January 4, 2013

Malcolm Evans anti-Israel cartoon

The following cartoon was published in yesterday's Manawatu Standard.

I thought this was quite offensive.  For a start, it has no relevance now.  Is it referring to Gaza? Iran?  Channukah finished quite some time ago, and the recent Gaza events had a ceasefire before then.

The use of the "USA" lighter evokes familiar anti-semitic themes.  Themes such as the Jews or Israel controlling the USA or world media.

I took the time today to review other cartoons by Evans from the Operation Pillar of Defense.  Whilst I didn't agree with them, I was not offended by them, as I was this one.

I felt strongly enough to ring and talk to the editor of the Standard.  Hopefully they will publish my letter next week.  I will also write to Malcolm Evans.  If you feel strongly, you can also write to him:

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