Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dom Post Editorial Lies

An absolutely terrible editorial in the Dom Post yesterday

No mention of the fact that Jews are directly targeted by terrorists as victims.  It may not be a war for the author, but Jews across the world have had war declared against them, whether they like it or not.

"Some of the politicians who marched in Paris are not a good advertisement for free speech and tolerance. Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu launched an indefensible slaughter in Gaza that cost the lives of 2000 people. Britain's David Cameron is now proposing swingeing restrictions on freedom of the internet."

2000 slaughtered?  launched by Netanyahu?

What a joke!  Hamas launched the offensive, and ignored ceasefire after ceasefire.  If Israel's goal was slaughter, the could have flattened the place in 24 hours.  Israel forces went out of their way to avoid civilian casualties.  90% of Israelis supported the move to protect the millions in the direct line of fire

The majority killed have now been proven to be Hamas terrorists.  The number is inflated by the Palestinians killed by Hamas either from friendly fire or executed as "collaborators".
No mention either of the Terror tunnels, built with UN aid materials where 170 children were killed during construction, directly aimed at Israeli civilians.  No mention of the kidnapping and murder of the three teenagers that started the entire offensive.