Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dom Post Editorial Lies

An absolutely terrible editorial in the Dom Post yesterday

No mention of the fact that Jews are directly targeted by terrorists as victims.  It may not be a war for the author, but Jews across the world have had war declared against them, whether they like it or not.

"Some of the politicians who marched in Paris are not a good advertisement for free speech and tolerance. Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu launched an indefensible slaughter in Gaza that cost the lives of 2000 people. Britain's David Cameron is now proposing swingeing restrictions on freedom of the internet."

2000 slaughtered?  launched by Netanyahu?

What a joke!  Hamas launched the offensive, and ignored ceasefire after ceasefire.  If Israel's goal was slaughter, the could have flattened the place in 24 hours.  Israel forces went out of their way to avoid civilian casualties.  90% of Israelis supported the move to protect the millions in the direct line of fire

The majority killed have now been proven to be Hamas terrorists.  The number is inflated by the Palestinians killed by Hamas either from friendly fire or executed as "collaborators".
No mention either of the Terror tunnels, built with UN aid materials where 170 children were killed during construction, directly aimed at Israeli civilians.  No mention of the kidnapping and murder of the three teenagers that started the entire offensive. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John Minto is New Zealand's biggest tool

In case there was any doubt, it's now official.  John Minto is New Zealand's biggest tool.

Whale Oil was the first to break full details of the Anti Israel rally in Auckland.  Flag burning, Swastikas and racist rhetoric all on offer.

But John Minto and Mana alone were the only politicians defending the flag burning.

Minto said he was not aware of the burning, but did not believe it was inappropriate.
"I can't see what the problem is," Minto said. "Flags have been burnt in demonstrations and protests for hundreds of years so it's no big deal."
It was not an organised part of the protest and someone must have taken it upon themselves to do it, he said.
Burning the flag is not just an insult - it represents the destruction of the nation and its people, violently.

As well as glorifying violence from Hamas, John Minto is happy to promote violence.

One of my greatest wishes is to see the New Zealand people reject such behaviour at the ballot box in September.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to criticise Israel without being anti-semitic

This link was posted by some Left Wing Jews who were sick of marching with Swastikas at peace rallies

I don't agree with much they say, but it highlights a lot about what they are faced with!

One point - should people criticize Israel in it's entirety? I think not - you can criticise the government, but not a wide stereotype of the entire country. e.g. If you don't like the policy of the Abbott government on say climate change or some such, you criticise the government, not the entire nation and it's people.

Monday, July 7, 2014

An open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

We unequivocally condemn the horrific murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. It was unjustifiable under any circumstances. The killing was reprehensible and we hope that the criminals who did this sickening act are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Israel is a country run by the rule of law. There are reports that Jews have been arrested for this crime. If a trial finds that Jews are indeed guilty of this unconscionable killing, our condemnation is redoubled. The idea that Jews could do such an act fills us with shame and horror.

The people who murdered Mohammed do not represent us in any way. It is not enough to dissociate ourselves from the dreadful act; we must also ensure that crimes like this are never repeated.

Just as the appalling murders of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar do not in any way justify the hideous murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, neither does Khdeir's murder justify the violence, terrorism, destruction and incitement we have seen over the past few days against Israelis and Jews. 

We hope and pray that everyone, Arab and Jew, lives in peace and security in the region.



TimG_OZ totally endorses this letter from Elder of Ziyyon and his invitation to any blogger, columnist or pundit to sign on to this letter in the comments section of his blog so he can add to the signature list. Bloggers are also encouraged to reproduce this letter on their own blogs.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can Stuff get their headlines correct

This headline appears in Stuff today "Israeli leader wants 'war'"

But, hang on - read the article.

This is not the statement of an Israeli leader, but a statement from a Palestinian "Official".

Can we get a correct headline please.  How about "Israeli leaders want their boys back".  This is in response to a terrible kidnapping, which Palestinian leadership is showing extreme recalcitrance.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Israelis / Palestinians - Who is Indigenous?

In Australia and New Zealand, the far left wing activists have tried to change the Palestinian narrative by using the word "Indigenous".  But who is Indigenous?

This article from IsreallyCool, makes an answer.

The argument that Palestinians are indigenous is incorrect for several reasons.
  • Approximately 50% percent of Palestinian Arabs can track their ancestors back farther than their great-grandparents. Many are descended from Arabs brought to the Levant by the British to build infrastructure after World War I.
  • The vast majority of Palestinians are Arabic speaking Muslims; the Arabic language is indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, as is the Muslim religion. The Muslim religion’s holiest places are not in the Levant, but in the city of Mecca, located in the Arabian Peninsula. They have no specifically Palestinian culture that is completely Palestinian dating before the 1960s; in fact, prior to that, the majority identified as “greater Syrians.”
  • Some Palestinians share common ancestry with indigenous peoples, but they neither follow indigenous traditions nor do they self-identify as those indigenous peoples. They share neither religion nor language with them. Blood quantum alone is insufficient to transmit indigenous status.
  • The Arabs of the Middle East subsumed several indigenous populations, but no group can become indigenous through subsuming indigenous peoples. Rather, they conquered the entire region and spread their own language, customs, and religion. This is historical fact.
Now you might ask, why is this important? It is important to indigenous people because we cannot allow the argument that conquerors can become indigenous. If we, as other indigenous people, allow that argument to be made, then we are delegitimising our own rights.
If conquerors can become indigenous, then the white Europeans who came to my indigenous lands in North America could now claim to be indigenous. The white Europeans who went toAustralia and New Zealand could now claim to be indigenous. If we, even once, allow that argument to be made, indigenous rights are suddenly devalued and meaningless. This is somewhat peculiar, as those who are arguing for Palestinian “indigenous rights” are usually those who have little grasp of the history, and no understanding of the truth behind indigenous rights.
If you should encounter the argument that conquerors may themselves become indigenous to a region by virtue of conquering, direct those who assert the argument to this article, and help them understand not only is the argument wrong – it is dangerous to Indigenous people everywhere.
I remember reading that only the Nomadic tribes - i.e. Bedouin can be considered indigenous in the area.  Very interesting.