Friday, February 15, 2013

Ben Zygier

A lot is being said about Ben Zygier at the moment.

Whilst Israel's enemies will state it as an example of some kind of "oppresive regime", completely ignoring the behaviour of neighbouring states Syria and Iran.

Realists will be concerned and saddened at the tragedy.  Realists will also know that Israeli National Security is a serious business.  If indeed he leaked things like the passport issue, then he would have been in some serious trouble.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Kennedy Graham's latest whinge

Kennedy Graham has again singled out Israel in a post.  This will largely go unnoticed, except to appease a hardcore group of anti-Israel Green voters

Recent actions by Israel show a concerning disregard for the fundamentals of international law.
Coming on top of the air raid on Syria, Israel have now carried out a sweeping series of raids, resulting in the arrest of around a number of Palestinians including three members of the Parliament.
The arrests are targeting members of Hamas which Israel regards as a terrorist organisation. Despite Israel’s concerns Hamas is widely supported and is the elected government of Gaza. Hamas tends to perceive the IDF in similar fashion.
Arresting politicians is never going to be a way to bring peace and stability to the region.
Except if that politician is in the process of organising terror, and oppressing their own people

I intend to raise my concerns about recent Israeli actions with Israel’s ambassador.
What an exciting  meeting that must have been.
Just as I shall raise concerns about military-style action against Israel with the Palestinian representative whom I shall be meeting shortly.
Yes, I'm sure you would have been equally vocal.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Tom Scott cartoon

Would you believe it, Tom Scott has actually produced a cartoon which appears to acknowledge Israel's right to self defence!

This is very refreshing.  Many cartoonists such as Malcolm Evans usually show the opposite - they deplore the criticisms of Syria, and suggest it should be diverted to Israel.  Tom Scott is lampooning exactly that attitude here.  Well done!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Australian Election annouced for Yom Kippur

Julia Gillard has annouced the Australian election for 14th September 2013, which is Yom Kippur

Personally, I don't have an issue with it.  The election always falls on a Saturday, which observant Jews will not vote on anyway.

The fact is that most Jews will observe Yom Kippur, but not every Shabbat.  Michael Danby was not happy, and stated he would not campaign.  Mark Dreyfuss announced a similar message also.  Some Jewish people that would usually campaign on election day were disappointed.  Kelly O'Dwyer wrote a long letter to the Jewish News to campaign.

As mentioned, I have no issue with it.  I think that anyone who can't vote should register for a Postal vote now, and why not register for every year while you are at it.  The link to register for a postal vote is here.