Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy your Sukkah

Went down to Civic Square in Melbourne to visit the Sukkah.  It was strange, as it was right next to the Occupy Melbourne tent city.  I had a chat to the Chabadniks who were running the Sukkah.  I expected that there would have been some agro - the Occupy brigade had apparently joined the BDS protests at Max Brenners (I took my MB Coffee with me to the Sukkah).

I was surprised and refreshed to hear that the two groups actually got on well and respected each other.  The comment from the Chabadniks was that it was a free country, and they were glad they were exercising their democratic rights.  It got me thinking that perhaps the ideas of equality and fairness and charity being promoted by the Occupy Group weren't so bad.  That said, a lot of the other stuff just made no sense at all (i.e. Wikileaks and whatever other stuff).  I also felt sorry for local shopkeepers having to put up with the noise.  At least the Chabadniks had a permit!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tom Scott's latest anti semitic cartoon

Here is Tom Scott's latest Anti Semitic Cartoon.

Also here and here

I like the star of David on the cuff of the shirt.  Clearly reference to Jews.

See how it shows that Obama is in the pocket of an unseen Jewish big brother.  Probably the Elders of Zion.  Or is it just suggesting Jews are corrupt.  It forgets to tell us that Palestinians are refusing to talk or recognise Israel.

This kind of garbage would be spiked by most editors worldwide.  In New Zealand, and because its Tom Scott, its OK.