Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Racist post on Frogblog

I've always been suspicious about posts on Green Forums that border on anti-semitism.  Often the comments will be blatant with only a cursory "tut-tut" from moderators.

Here's what I consider a smoking gun:

On the Egypt debate, Frog cannot contain himself, and calls an elected leader the "Prime Monster".  This is from the Green Party which called Hamas their "colleagues", and when pressured stated the Israelis were also their colleagues.  Apparently this is not the case.

What does he mean by "Prime Monster" anyway?  Are all the other Jews little monsters?  This is disgraceful.

For a pacifist, Toad also presents a complete turnaround on his opinion of war:

"And if the people of Egypt (as determined by genuinely democratic process) want to wage war, that is their democratic right.
But I would counsel anyone anywhere, including in Egypt, that war should be a last resort in resolving international disputes and should be engaged in only in response to serious human rights violations. "

So war is a democratic right, and he is happy to infer that war launched against Israel will be acceptable.  No mention about Human Rights abuses in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Hypocrisy majeur.

One can only hope that with the Greens new push into mainstream (and the resignation of Keith Locke), we no longer see these sentiments polluting their "values" on the environment.  More likely they will just keep them hidden away.