Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Did you know - Animal testing banned in Israel

A fact I did not know, via Israel in New Zealand and Israel21c - Testing on animals has been banned since 2007

Now, all imports which have been tested on animals are banned.
A new Israeli law has made animal welfare a top priority by officially banning the import, marketing and sale of any toiletries, detergents or cosmetics whose manufacturing process involves animal testing. The new regulations took effect January 1, 2013.
“Animal testing in the Cosmetics Industry inflicts horrific suffering on these animals. Each product requires between 2,000-3,000 tests, and animals die in agony,” said MK Eitan Cabel.In 2007, Israel banned animal testing for cosmetics and other products. This new law focuses on products that are imported from other countries.“The end of animal testing for cosmetics has come a step closer today,” Troy Seidle, director of research & toxicology for Humane Society International, told Care2. “Whilst we commend Israel for taking this truly historic action, strict enforcement of the law alongside active assistance from cosmetic companies, will now be vital.”

This means a few things:

1) Israel is leading the way in strides against animal cruelty
2) This contradicts what SAFE had to say about Kosher Meat
3) If Israeli imports are blocked, you may be increasing cruelty against animals

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