Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun with Premier Dead Sea in Palmerston North

On Thursday I was in the Palmerston North Plaza.  I needed to get to JB Hi Fi, and on the way out, I got offered some hand cream by the Premier Dead Sea people.

Well, of course I had to try it.  They are great products after all!

I got a chance to ask my my #1 question, what are nice Israeli people doing here in remote Palmerston North?  It turns out that they are young Israelis, having finished army duty, on working visas.  What a great opportunity to work and travel at the same time.

I had so much fun with them.  They would get me to try some skin product.  It would be great.  I would then ask the price - $150.  "No, too much", I would say.  "Is that your best price?".  Always they would say.  "Yes.  That's the best price....  But just for you, we can do a deal".  Of course.
"Too much" I would keep saying.  "$30?".
"No.  $150.  But I'll give you this for free.."
"Too much".  Then she got out the calculator, divided it by 12.  "Look, it lasts the whole year ... only $12 a month"
"But I could buy my wife flowers each month for that."  I am cheeky.
All the time I kept asking about what they thought of New Zealand, and relating my stories of Israel, Melbourne, the Souk and more.

In the end I didn't buy anything, but I had a lot of fun.

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