Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anti Semitic commentator

David Farrar at Kiwiblog has a post highlighting a New Zealand antisemitic Youtube commenter

The poster "derrenmac" states things like:

i fully agree, f*** the jews, especially that black jew they call the worlds president. THEYRE ALL LIARS…. f***ing scum… 
I am pretty sure I have seen the commenter "derrenmac" on other websites, particularly
People with these types of attitudes usually also filter into the BDS movements.  Politically, he is supported Winston Peters, which suggests he may be part of the Christchurch group "Right Wing Resistance".

Most of these attitudes stem from complete ignorance.  In New Zealand, its unlikely he's ever met a Jew or has any contact.  These attitudes can be formed as part of mob mentality, when vulnerable people seek and join groups such as RWR.

All societies have an anti-semitic element.  It is something that defies reason.  Some societies are worse, as they teach it actively in their education system.  It is a sad fact

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reuters - Principles or Propaganda?

This paper examines a sample of fifty news-oriented articles related to the Middle East conflict published on the Reuters proprietary websites across a three month study window ... It is inferred from the evidence that Reuters engages in systematically biased storytelling in favor of the Arabs/Palestinians and is able to influence audience affective behavior and motivate direct action along the same trajectory. This reflects a fundamental failure to uphold the Reuters corporate governance charter and ethical guiding principles.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Amazing video - an Autistic girl, written off completely, communicates via Twitter!

Hebrew in Manawatu??

Manawatu Standard has an article on a local Metal Band looking to make waves in Australia

While not my cup of tea (and I certainly wish them well), have a look closely at this picture (which was printed in Saturday's edition).  The lead singer clearly has a Hebrew tattoo.

Alas, I forwarded to a native Israeli - he says it's not actually Hebrew.  It may be English printed with Hebrew letter-type font.  A bit like the "Go F*** your self" T-Shirts popular with Kibbutzniks in the 80s

PA also fears Nuclear armed Iran

Palestinian "moderate" Salam Fayyad was interviewed recently

President Ahmadinejad, he said, should stop acting as a supposed spokesman for the Palestinians
This is quite damning, although I doubt we will see similar sentiments from Hamas, who are armed via Iran.

Fayyad also had this to say on Hamas.
"Hamas's actions are not consistent with reconciliation." Last Friday a Fatah delegation was barred from entering Gaza for talks.
So the "Unity election", and talk of Hamas disarming are probably just hot air.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Linkage of faiths in YMCA in Jerusalem

An excellent article from NY Times:  The linkage of faith at YMCA in Jerusalem

His plan is to keep promoting tolerance, at the YMCA and beyond. Recently he went to Morocco to give a talk, as a Palestinian Arab, on the horrors of the Holocaust. He speaks frequently on the need for understanding "the other."
In the long term, he hopes to be able to build business relationships between Israelis and Arabs. "That would be my ticket to a greater vision," he says, "of a new Middle East, interdependent and interconnected."
If Forsan Hussein won't give up, how can we?
It's great to see that tolerance still exists and gives us hope for the future.

Saudi Hacker targeting Israeli accounts

Looks like there is a Saudi Hacker targeting Israeli accounts.

I have to really say, politically motivated or not, Hacking is hacking and you need to take responsibility for your own data security.  It appears that he is an individual, not government related.

There are lots of crooks out there.  I'm sure there is Israeli ones also.  So, nothing new to see here .. moving on.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

United or Divided Future?

The United Future Party in New Zealand state:

We aim to build a modern multicultural society
which encourages social harmony and unity through respect for individual differences and cultural diversity;
However, United Future's East Coast Candidate (and #10 on their list), Martin Gibson seems to have other ideas:

You say the orthodox Jews are like the Taliban which is true, but what you fail to note is how similar Zionists are to Nazis.
Really?  Like Nazis?  Martin Gibson appears to justify himself by referencing Gilad Atzmon as his only reference.  As a journalist, surely he knows that you must grant comment from others as a right of reply.  Instead he references quotes from just one estranged individual, and with little supporting evidence.  So really he is just forcing his own opinion on us, with the fallback of "Hey, this Jew said it, so its OK".

Mr Gibson's comment appears to fail the Natan Sharansky 3D Rule of Anti Semitism.  It's a great example of Demonisation without any examples whatsoever.  We can be sure that he is the same Martin Gibson that writes as a journalist for the Gisborne Herald.

Now, I'm sure the usual suspects can come out and make the usual generalistic "Anti Zionist" comments.  Mr Gibson is welcome to be one of them.  My question is, how does this position fit in with United Future?  Mr Dunne??