Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ahmed Meligy has been freed

It appears that after a mysterious abduction by the Egyptian government, Ahmed Meligy has been freed. 

He is also writing a good opinion piece on his detention with more to come

I know that all of you are very anxious to know the details and the day to day experiences of my detention. InshaAllah I will write all about it and publish it someday.  In the meantime, I am asking you please be patient because I need time to gather my thoughts and recover from the experience.
All I can say right now that during my detention there was a very strong quotation by Martin Niemoller that kept my sanity intact and pushed away any doubts or regrets about choosing this path of mine.
I really wish that Mursi and his regime would understand why we activists will never be silenced no matter what they do to us.
There is now a strong pro democracy movement in Egypt.  So much for Arab spring - it appears to have made things worse!

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