Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What the BDS demands as "Justice"

Israelis just want to live in peace.  Peace is a pretty simple concept - you live in tolerance of your neighbours without fighting or violence (my paraphrasing).

BDS groups, such as John Minto, are always demanding Justice.  The concept of Justice has other synonyms such as revenge and retribution.

It's also almost impossible to define.  What level of "Justice" would be acceptable?  Here was one summary from one of the facebook "peace" groups:

OK, let me get this: we recognize 5 Million Palestinians as citizens, send most of our leaders and military commanders to the Hague to stand trial, pay billions in compensation to the refugees, never complain about statements attacking Jews or attacks on Jewish civilians because we are the opressors [sic], and accept the role of a tolerated guest in the new Citizen's country, even thoug [sic] the second largest Palestinian party still refuses to accept our presence, insults our religion, and attacks our civilians? Sure, I'm in! What could go wrong? And thanks for being so reasonable with us Khazars...if it doesn't work out, we're glad to pack uo [sic] and go to the Crimea or wherever we're supposed to have come from. And all along I thought you guys weren't moderate...
  Yes, Peace with Justice to the BDS team is really just a metaphor for the destruction of your neighbour. 

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