Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movie Review - Don't Mess with the Zohan

OK, I'll admit it - I'm quite behind the times when it comes to movies.  This one got released a few years ago, but it was showing on the "Go" Channel this week, so I had a look.

I go a bit hot and cold for Adam Sandler's work.  It's really a balance between the brilliant and the cringe.  This film has plenty of cringe, but I thought it was quite a unique and personable premise.

An Israeli out of the army moves to America in the hope of getting away from the conflict.  His life long ambition is to be a hairdresser - even though he has no experience other than cutting his own family member's locks.  Typical arrogance on show.  He can't get a job anywhere else, so he goes to work for the Salon owned by the beautiful Palestinian across the road from the Israeli electronics store.

It just turns out that this Israeli has near super-human powers in his previous role as counter terrorism.  And an arch-nemesis that runs a chain of kebab shops in the West Bank.  Another Arab taxi driver recognises him as the man who stole his goat, and plots revenge.  And the finale is based around a hacky sack tournament between Israel and Lebanon.

There are plenty of Humus jokes, lots of stereotypes of both Arab and Israeli.  Lots of crass humour too.  Obligatory plot against big business, and it has feel-good ending.  Lots of Evrit "B'Seder", "Its all Yofi Tofi" etc.

All in all worth a look if you see it on free to air (and pre-record to fast forward the ads). 


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