Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Anti-Israel post at Vic Parliament last night

Daphne Anson has a review of the protest at Vic government last night

Really - it was small and meaningless.  Maybe 30 protesters - very much outnumbered by Police. 

By chance, I worked in the city yesterday. I walked past the demonstration. A guy offered me a badge, and I responded "go Israel". He didn't like it, but maybe I could have said something funnier.It was Tempting to spend some time irritating them further, but I really they just live for the attention and confrontation. And anyway, they really aren't that important or interesting to me (or anyone else in Melbourne). I ripped down a half dozen posters though.  This morning, there were no posters at all left.

David Southwick tweeted this


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  2. Not sure what relevance your comment has to this post about BDS.

    There's crooks everywhere. Admittedly they don't get hung in Israel like they do in the rest of the Middle East.

    BDS are a bunch of frauds too, BTW.