Friday, June 7, 2013

Second Man found guilty of Auckland Grave desecrations

A second man has been found guilty in court of the Jewish grave desecrations in Auckland

Christian Landmark, 20, was charged with being a party to intentional damage after it was discovered the gravestones in a central Auckland cemetery were defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas in october last year.

The graffiti included "f*** Israel" and "don't f*** with us".

In a police interview played at his trial in Auckland District Court, Landmark initially told Detective Sergeant Phillip Cox he had been shown a photo of the graffiti by a friend but said he didn't know anything about the man responsible except that his name was "Rob".

But after Mr Cox said police had spoken to a friend of Landmark's, he suddenly came clean.

"Ok, I think we should restart the interview. It wasn't me who did it. I was there at the time, I was absolutely drunk at the time, out of my mind with Rob."
He said he thought the graffiti was "stupid"and he was not anti-Semitic.
This is interesting - some of the graves were marked with "88".  I actually did not know this was a reference to "Heil Hitler".  Landmark must have had a lot more involvement with Neo Nazis than he is letting on.

"I would have told you everything but I felt bad for him but, man, I've had a s**tty day."

Landmark admitted being at the graveyard but said it was Rob who did the tagging.

"I didn't realise the severity of his views until he went and did that."

Earlier the court heard from Rob, whose full name is Robert Moulden.
We also know that Moulden gave evidence against his 'friend'.  Moulden was offered support by the Jewish community in a form of Restorative Justice.

He said he and Landmark had been drinking at their inner-city hostel when they decided to go out tagging.

Moulden told the court there was no plan to tag the Jewish gravestones but that's where they ended up.

"I'd say it was Chris' idea but it was probably 50/50."
That's the most lame way to try and absolve guilt.
He said they took turns spray-painting the graves and at one point Landmark took pictures.

But under cross-examination from Landmark's lawyer Tudor Clee, he confirmed that Landmark did not suggest spray-painting swastikas.

"I think in the graveyard where me and Chris were - a Jewish graveyard - a swastika was the first thing that came to mind in terms of being offensive ... I'm pretty sure he was thinking the same thing."

Mr Clee also took him through a number of text messages sent between the pair on the days following the graffiti attack.

In one of the messages, Moulden texted Landmark telling him: "awesome derailment of all the s**t you call 'fascist fantasy bulls**t'."

Moulden agreed that his message implied Landmark did not believe in fascism but did not recall sending the message and could not be sure what he meant.

Mr Clee also asked about a text message Moulden sent to Landmark after Landmark tried to sell photos of the graffiti to the media.
Taking pictures and then forwarding or trying to sell them??  These guys are clearly not rocket scientists.
Moulden texted him saying: "How dare you hijack my s**t for money".

Mr Clee pointed out that Moulden was claiming ownership for the attack.

But Moulden said he was referring to his identity.

"... It would have clearly endangered me and I would've been in trouble."
Lets hope this ends another nasty saga.  And lets hope it never happens again

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