Sunday, June 30, 2013

Matt McCarten subverts Mandela for his own lies

How low can a person go?  Matt McCarten has no morals, and has shown that there are no depths that he will not plunge.

With Nelson Mandela gravely ill in hospital, McCarten chooses to exploit this to push his political agenda.  An agenda to villify an entire nation of people.

Nelson Mandela lies on his deathbed, rightly honoured for his sacrifice in fighting the evil of apartheid.
Unfortunately that doctrine still lingers - in Israel. It's a pity we in New Zealand were reminded of that in the week Mandela started to slip away.
Two events highlight the plight of the Palestinians. A Palestinian from Gaza, Mohammed Assaf, won the Arab Idol singing contest. He had trouble crossing borders and arrived late, but climbed a fence and convinced someone else to let him take their place. On news of his victory, jubilant crowds took to the streets throughout the Occupied Territories. Even fun-hating Hamas saluted him.
Assaf used his 15 minutes of fame by naming himself an international ambassador, calling for an end to the split between Hamas and the secularist Fatah Party. He also called for the end to Israel's occupation.
I suspect the Israelis feel deeply guilty about their abusive role and but just can't confront the reality that their treatment of the Palestinian people is similar to how their forbears were treated by others.
Israel resigns itself to blaming the victims and walling off the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and pretending they don't exist.
Mandela called it for what it is, a form of apartheid. How else would you describe a land of 11.5 million people where 6.5 million with a certain bloodline get full citizen privileges, the few Palestinians living within Israel's recognised borders live under separate laws, and the remaining millions banished to the Occupied Territories get no rights?
Well, for a start there is no apartheid in Israel.  No separate bus stations or bus stops for Arabs and Jews.  Jews aren't allowed in other Arab countries, but McCarten neglects to acknowledge this.

Suggesting Israelis have guilt?  For what, allowing their children to be murdered in the name of Allah?  He supports anti-semitism from extremists like Hamas.

And what a lie it is.  Here's a quote from Mandela himself:

"I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders."
He visited Israel, and even recognises the right of Israelis to live securely in their borders.  Again, McCarten chooses to subvert this for his own lies.

I just wonder if why New Zealand Herald continue to employ him.  They must be so desperate to sell papers that they can print this kind of unsubstantiate rubbish as 'opinion'.  Since the Press dumped John Minto, how long before they realise that this weekly rubbish actually drives paying customers away, and brings down the tone of the entire paper.

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