Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poll - Most Israelis believe in God

An interesting thing to quote next time sometime tells you most Israelis are Atheists - A poll by YNet news show that most believe in God:

According to the results of last week's poll by Ynet and the Smith Institute, seven out of ten Israelis believe in the existence of God, and six out of ten believe it was God who created the world in which we live today.

A study conducted by Rafi Smith of the Smith Institute, examined the public’s stance on faith and Judaism. Data was collected by two simultaneous methods; a telephone survey of the older community, and an internet poll posted on Ynet which had over 40 thousand participants.

Smith explained that the internet poll contained questions on the socio-demographic background of participants, which allowed the results to be calculated in such a way that they represented the public desire of the over-18 Jewish community in Israel.
Who created the world we live in?
God: 60% (100% religious, 79% traditional, 29% secular)
Big Bang: 40%

Have you become closer to Judaism in recent years?
Yes, became closer to Judaism: 39% (78% religious, 35% traditional, 23% secular)
No, moved away from Judaism: 9% (1% religious, 6% traditional, 14% secular)
Neutral: 52%

Do you think schools should provide more traditional studies?
Yes, increase traditional studies: 53% (78% religious, 35% traditional, 23% secular)
No, decrease traditional studies: 4% (1% religious, 6% traditional, 14% secular)
No, no change necessary: 32%
Not sure: 11%

How would you like to see Israel?
More religious: 23%
More traditional: 26%
More secular: 27%
No change needed: 24%

Do you keep Kosher?
Yes: 53%
No: 36%
Sometimes: 11%

Do you keep Shabbat?
Yes: 35%
No: 57%
Sometimes: 8%

Do you fast on Yom Kippur?
Yes: 62%
No: 31%
Sometimes: 7%

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