Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Palestinian Governments murder Prisoners

Phillippe Assouline has written another excellent blog post:   Palestinian Governments are murdering Palestinian prisoners.

You may recall the Palestinian riots (alas, it's always riots) that followed the death of Arafat Jaradat last February.  The Palestinians had kicked up a storm of violence in response to his death, alleging that Israel had tortured the man to death.  Palestinian propaganda outlets (e.g., "Students for Justice in Palestine", "American Muslims for Palestine", "Students Against [imaginary] Israeli Apartheid" and other professional whiners) put on their usual sanctimony-hysteria circus and the international press, too lazy to do their job, just parroted them. Many were hurt as a result.

Well, it turns out that Jaradat died of natural causes and that an autopsy of his body did not reveal any signs of violence. No one following the Middle East closely was surprised, or shocked at the lack of honesty of the anti-Israel set.

But today Khaled Abu Toameh is reporting on the recent deaths of 11Palestinians IN PALESTINIAN PRISONS IN 2012 ALONE!  In addition, there has been a 10% increase in complaints of torture and human rights abuses under both Hamas and Fatah governments. 
The "Pro-Palestinian" professional whiners and slanderers who call themselves activists are, of course, nowhere to be seen. That is, until they find a way to blame this on Israel too. Then, in the same breath, they will demand that these torturing governments who are never responsible for their actions be granted a state.

There's a word for that in English: Hypocrisy.  What is certain is that such an attitude isn't "Pro-Palestinian".

If the Palestinians are to rule their own lives, REAL Pro-Palestinians (who seem to only exist on the Pro-Israel side these days) MUST hold Palestinian governments to account. And the despicable game of slandering democratic Israel relentlessly while being willfully blind to Palestinian crimes must end
Exactly.  When Palestinians are murdered, dragged behind motorcycles and die in jail by acts of their government, the world seems to go silent.  Enough!

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