Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Luc Hansen - pwned

I really don't comment much on Kiwiblog, compared to others.  And I seldom direct posts towards others personally.  After being provoked, I couldn't hold myself back tonight though.

BTW – what was your take on the “motorbike corpses”?
I heard an unconfirmed report that one of them was actually murdered for owning pornography. Apparently some wanker emailed him some home made nudist porn on Saturday night to make him feel good.
They forgot that its illegal in Gaza
Firstly, I would like to apologise to the men murdered murdered by Hamas today, and their families.  The demonic rule of Hamas in Gaza is really no laughing matter, and I genuinely feel bad about using a reference for the sake of humour.

However, people who read the endless one-eyed spurious comments of Mr. Hansen will recognise the humour in this. 

For those that don't, Luc Hansen is a self professed nudist, who took his young children to nudist beaches.  He often brags about his sexual exploits, and he also bragged on Saturday night about sending messages to Gaza.

PWNED! :-)

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