Sunday, November 4, 2012

Antisemitism and the Left - The common ground of hatred

This week, Maia from the Hand Mirror wrote a post about Antisemitism invading Left Wing activities.  (Also picked up by Kiwiblog here).

I'm very surprised it's taken so long for someone to notice.  Well actually - this has been written about for a long time, but it has kept continuing.  No doubt it will still continue.

I can't count the about of antisemitic material that is either tolerated, defended or, in some cases actively promoted within the left.  Admittedly it is usually the extreme left.

Conspiracy theories in the Occupy movement?  Yes, I knew about that.  The occupy movement was such a vast disparate group of souls, many who wanted to create invisible enemies to hate and blame.  Of course they were to forget the movement started in Israel (not Wall St!).

I've seen defense of Iranian Holocaust denial seminars, and there has been the acceptance of the most vile genocide calls (all in the name of 'Palestine').  This has been seen by elected Left Wingers like Keith Locke and Bryan Peppergill.

And now, there is surprise - Neo Nazis marching and demonstrating with the Occupy Movement!  If you read my posts this year, you will see that we have neo-nazis Greta Berlin in the BDS movement and the Skull marching on Nakba day.  This should not be a surprise.

We are told they are supposed to be completely different ideologies - and they are.  But there is on thing in common:  Hate.

The extreme left carry so much hate and anger toward anything which could be seen as conservative.  It is a baseless hatred.  They hate the person - or in many cases a phantom.

The extreme right neo nazis carry this same kind of baseless hatred.  (Hamas also promote baseless hatred). 

These groups follow the ideology that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Maybe this is the wake up call the left need.  I expect (sadly), that I will be documenting similar events for many years to come.

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