Friday, October 19, 2012

Racists inside BDS ranks - Why are they only being noticed now?

There's been some talk for a while about BDS campaigner Greta Berlin, and some of the strange accusations she has made against Zionists.

Here's a long article by Bekah Wolf, herself an anti-zionist activist who is disgusted with the accusations of Berlin.

Some of the more wacky things include that "Zionists engineered the Holocaust", and "Nazi is an appropriation of National and Zionist"

As an anti-Zionist Jew who has been active in Palestine for 10 years, Greta Berlin's statements and the content of “Our Land” not only offend me, but they have damaged my ability to combat Zionist rhetoric by claiming that I cannot be both religiously Jewish and anti-Zionist.
I probably disagree with Wolf on nearly everything, but what she says here is very relevant to her own argument.  My question to Wolf on this matter is why have you had your eyes closed to the many other Greta Berlins.

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