Sunday, October 21, 2012

Counter Protest to Racism by Socialist Aotearoa

A counter-protest to Friday's cemetary desecration was held the following day.

The Article in Stuff was labelled "Activists against Intolerance"

It was run by Irishman, Joe Carolan of Socialist Aotearoa and attracted about 30 people.

From Socialist Aoteroa's own website:

Socialist Aotearoa makes a clear distinction between the political acts, policies and opinions of the secular state of Israel, which isdisputed, and the security of the persons  of  Jewish people, the sanctity of which may not be disputed or endangered.
Of course, if you scroll down on this same page, you will see these links (among others):

Two links which promote violence, and do not advocate a peaceful settlement.
So the sanctity and security of Jews is fine, provided they don't live in Israel, or presumably support Israel.

This is the same Joe Carolan, who has no problem protesting outside Jewish houses of worship:

This is an interview with Joe Carolan, after protests in 2010 (which attracted small people), A protest which included burning flags and chants "Hamas, Hezbollah".

According to Joe, this isn't racism.  Is burning a representation of Jewish people contradictory to "security of the persons  of  Jewish people, the sanctity of which may not be disputed or endangered"?

Joe was one of the organisers of the tiny protest against Shahar Peer competing at the Auckland Tennis Open against 

Here is a photo from one of Joe's protests, stating that Zionists are Nazis:

Joe Carolan and SA support the BDS movement.  No comment from Joe on the racists inside those ranks?

No comment from Joe on Hamas, who vow to kill the Jews?  No comment from Joe when BDS activists quote "The invention of the Jewish People"?  No comment on the Iranian Holocaust denial conferences.

The protest was conveniently held on a Saturday, where Jewish involvement would be small.  It would have been funny to see what would have happened if someone had turned up wearing an Israeli flag - would Joe have consoled them?  Or burnt the flag?

One of the Graffiti messages on a grave said "F*** Israel".  I was half expecting Joe to come out and say "We oppose all the swastikas, but we support this message".

With friends like Joe, who needs enemies! 


  1. Why don't you post this article to - you can send us the link and we'll all vote for it. Get it published in the newspapers.

    1. If invited, I would be happy to write a cleaned up opinion piece for publication. This, as it stands is more of a collection of thoughts and reactions to some of the vile stuff we've endured from SA over the years....