Saturday, February 11, 2012

Protest against Israel .. at a Jewish Synagogue!

News broke yesterday that the local Anti-Israel crackpots were planning a protest outside a synagogue in Melbourne, on a Saturday afternoon

These morons usually stick to protesting Chocolate shops on Friday nights when any opposition will be sharing time with their families.  This time, they stupidly announced that they are clearly attacking Jewish Religion, not just the state of Israel.

Of course its not the first time.  In other centers, the protests are regularly outside the Shules.  Just look at the racist protests of John Minto in Auckland, or the Workers party in Wellington.  Strange also to protest ultra orthodox Adass, who don't officially believe the state of Israel can be created until Moshiach arrives.  To be fair, many non-ultra regular shule goers also attend this shule.

They changed their mind, and decided to move the protest to an office building.  I think this is more out of fear, that the 20 or so people that might show up will probably face thousands that reject their racist BS.

What a useless protest it will be, outside an empty office block in St Kilda Rd, with nobody listening from level 8.  Idiots.  Main protagonist is some whacko who has changed her name to "Vashti Jane".

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