Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anti Semitic commentator

David Farrar at Kiwiblog has a post highlighting a New Zealand antisemitic Youtube commenter

The poster "derrenmac" states things like:

i fully agree, f*** the jews, especially that black jew they call the worlds president. THEYRE ALL LIARS…. f***ing scum… 
I am pretty sure I have seen the commenter "derrenmac" on other websites, particularly
People with these types of attitudes usually also filter into the BDS movements.  Politically, he is supported Winston Peters, which suggests he may be part of the Christchurch group "Right Wing Resistance".

Most of these attitudes stem from complete ignorance.  In New Zealand, its unlikely he's ever met a Jew or has any contact.  These attitudes can be formed as part of mob mentality, when vulnerable people seek and join groups such as RWR.

All societies have an anti-semitic element.  It is something that defies reason.  Some societies are worse, as they teach it actively in their education system.  It is a sad fact

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