Sunday, January 1, 2012

United or Divided Future?

The United Future Party in New Zealand state:

We aim to build a modern multicultural society
which encourages social harmony and unity through respect for individual differences and cultural diversity;
However, United Future's East Coast Candidate (and #10 on their list), Martin Gibson seems to have other ideas:

You say the orthodox Jews are like the Taliban which is true, but what you fail to note is how similar Zionists are to Nazis.
Really?  Like Nazis?  Martin Gibson appears to justify himself by referencing Gilad Atzmon as his only reference.  As a journalist, surely he knows that you must grant comment from others as a right of reply.  Instead he references quotes from just one estranged individual, and with little supporting evidence.  So really he is just forcing his own opinion on us, with the fallback of "Hey, this Jew said it, so its OK".

Mr Gibson's comment appears to fail the Natan Sharansky 3D Rule of Anti Semitism.  It's a great example of Demonisation without any examples whatsoever.  We can be sure that he is the same Martin Gibson that writes as a journalist for the Gisborne Herald.

Now, I'm sure the usual suspects can come out and make the usual generalistic "Anti Zionist" comments.  Mr Gibson is welcome to be one of them.  My question is, how does this position fit in with United Future?  Mr Dunne??

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