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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ethnic Cleansing of Jews

I received a good graphic regarding the state of Jewish people in Arab lands.

The graphic does not include Iran.

Apparently Jews that migrated from Arab lands are "traitors" according to Hamas.  Also they are expected to return to the Arab lands after Israel is destroyed.  Of course they would have no homes, Synagogues, freedom.....

5mfi on Palestinian Right of Return

A good blog post from 5 minutes for Israel on the Right of Palestinians to return.

One of the ironies of Right of Return is that of the almost five million registered refugees, some almost two million of them (1,895,043 from a total 4,797,723†), a smiggen under forty percent (40%) live in Gaza and the West Bank. That’s right. They live in the area that Mahmud Abbas worked so hard to gain recognition as the Palestinian State. Abbas is a case in point. Despite being the President of the Palestinian Authority; a presidential palace in Ramallah (Hamas ‘cooperation’ has made his Gaza residence currently off-limits) and an estimated personal wealth of  $100 million he retains refugee status. 
A $100 refugee.  To be fair, he said he didn;t want to return to Sefad
If there is a real Apartheid in the Middle East it is in Lebanon. Despite sixty years of residence Palestinian refugees do not have Lebanese citizenship, are legally barred from owning property or legally barred from entering a list of desirable occupations. Employment requires a government-issued work permit, and, according to the New York Times, although “Lebanon hands out and renews hundreds of thousands of work permits every year to people from Africa, Asia and other Arab countries… until now, only a handful have been given” to Palestinians. AND THE SITUATION HAS IMPROVED FROM WHAT IT WAS TWO YEARS AGO!
People forget very quickly how "Palestinians" have been treated by other Arabs.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good post on Refugees

A good post on Israel Hayom about Refugees

If this administration and the State Department want to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians, as they always claim they do, then acceding to a grossly fabricated refugee number will not serve that purpose; that only ensures the refugee issue will remain irreconcilable. The UNRWA definition of refugees applied to other refugee populations would lead to absurd numbers: 150 million or more refugees from the India-Pakistan war of the late 1940s, perhaps 10 times the number of original refugees, most of whom are of course no longer alive

This is reminds me of the Danny Ayalon video.  Surely we can achieve peace whilst sensibly addressing the refugee issue.  Israeli refugees have given up any rights to return to the Arab nations they were expelled from.