Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gaza is NOT the most densely populated place on Earth

I've been hearing non-stop the last month that "Gaza is the most densely populated place on Earth".

No it isn't.  Not even close.  (Thanks to 5mfi)
Tom Scott is just one who should take note.


  1. I'm aware that Gaza is not the most densely populated territory on Earth, not even the most densely populated in Israel (I believe that Tel Aviv is more densely populated)

    However your graphic is very misleading as it compares cities such as Paris or Tokyo to a territory "Gaza Strip", which includes all rural and undeveloped land.

    An accurate comparison would be to compare the density of "Gaza City" (not "Gaza Strip") to other cities in the World.

    1. Hi Michael, Check out this post - Who wins the density prize?

      It also talks about Gaza City. Compare that to Bondi!

  2. Thanks Michael, If you can provide me some better references, I'd really appreciate it. I have seen a bit of discussion recently, such as:

    David Guy states "There is some talk that Jabbalya Refugee Camp is the densest or the latest cop-out 'one of the densest' places but it looks like there are at least 20 more dense places."

    Appreciate any sources you have,