Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour? Try Earth day. Weekly.

Tonight was Earth hour.  So for one hour, you turn off lights.  There is no effect on electricity usage as its all off peak.  If you are a large company or government, avoid at your peril lest you be labelled an earth hater.  A very effective form of mind control.  Except it really has no effect.

Well, how about this.  If you participated in Earth hour, then I challenge you to participate in Earth Day.  Don't use any cars or computers or TVs or phones or other technology for 25 hours.  Sundown Friday to nightfall Saturday.  OK, now do it every week for a year.  Once you do that, then come back to me about Earth hour.

BREAKING NEWS:  Earth day is actually real.  April 22 apparently (a sunday).  sigh.

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