Monday, March 14, 2016

Exclusive - John Key is related to Donald Trump!

Wow, it's been a year since my last post, but this one is a doozy..

I got my regular weekly update from Geni - this is a family tree / ancestry service.  Usually, just a mix of boring updates, and birthdays.  This month had a treat - it told me that my cousin discovered that he was related to Donald Trump.

Could it be true?  Am I related to Donald Trump?  I had to check.  Here were my search results:

Wow!  I really am related to Donald Trump - and without going too many generations back either.  His daughter Ivanka famously married a Jewish man in New York, and only a couple of marriages away, there I am.

This is important stuff!  I mean, if elected he could change the world - could I as his first cousin once removed's wife's first cousin once removed's wife's second cousin's wife's father hold some sway?

So I got checking.  How about some of the other Candidates?  So I checked Bernie Sanders:

Thats a big Yes!!  Do you know what this means??  That Bernie is related to Trump.  Are they in collusion?  This is some amazing conspiracy going on here.

How about Hillary?

That's a big nope.  So Hillary is outside of the conspiracy.  So Vote for Hillary!

I thought I'd try a little closer to home.  So I tried John Key:

Wow!  So Key is in on the conspiracy too!  This means that Key is related to Trump AND Sanders.  This is an exclusive!  You heard it here first.  Absolute proof that Key is part of the New World Order and secret society trying to take over the world.

Further searches turned up that I am also related to Harrison Ford, Golda Meir, Benjamin Netanyahu Madonna and Carrie Fisher.  I'm not related to Prince, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber.  Phew!

Disclaimer:  If you really think this is proof of anything you are a moron.  All it proves is that Jewish people have lots of common ancestry and like to keep records of their family histories.  And if you look the relationships are fairly remote.

Would be interested to see if this turns up on any of the tin-foil hat sites

What this does prove is that the world is a small place.  Even those celebrities we only see on TV are just regular people with families and lives, who share a common heritage with many, many other people.


  1. Funny - When I tried that feature on Geni I searched for Queen Elizabeth II and for Albert Einstein (I'm related to both, but much closer to Einstein).
    Pretty sure that if Geni can't find a match it is only because one of you doesn't have enough information in Geni, not because you are not related.

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